Re-thinking Gender and Sexuality:  What do we know?  What have we learnt? What is next?”

Call for Paper

The 2nd International Conference on Gender and Sexuality 2019 invites academics, researchers, activists, and professionals with a particular interest related to the conference topic to send their abstracts from various disciplines including sociology, political studies, anthropology, cultural studies, and law.

 The conference will be held from 03rd – 04th October 2019 in Colombo, Sri Lanka under the theme “ Re-thinking Gender and Sexuality:  What do we know?  What have we learnt? What is next? ”

Internationally recognized scholars will evaluate all abstracts for acceptance.  Please submit your abstract on or before the abstract submission deadline.  These research papers will be subjected to a double-blind review process and will select according to the international research standard.

All the accepted research papers/ abstracts will be eligible to present at the conference and they should register on or before the final payment deadline.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to,

  • Gender/Sexuality in Social work
  • Feminist studies on Gender and/or sexuality
  • Socio-Cultural conditions that impinge on Gender/Sexuality
  • Gender/Sexuality, Power and Development
  • Civil Society and Gender/Sexuality rights
  • Religion and Gender/Sexuality
  • Gender Relations
  • Gender and conflict, violence, security and peace building
  • Persecution and exclusion of Non-conforming people
  • Gender/Sexuality Education
  • Gender/Sexuality Discrimination
  • Gender based violence
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender/Sexuality and Political participation
  • Gender/Sexuality and legal systems
  • Sociology of Gender/Sexuality
  • Gender, Sexuality and Society
  • Gender/Sexuality and rights
  • Gender/Sexuality and Health
  • Gender/Sexuality and disability
  • Gender/ Sexuality in Art, Culture, Literature and Media Studies
  • Gender/Sexuality and Technology
  • Gender/Sexuality in the workplace
  • Gender/Sexuality and refugees/displaced people

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Before submitting your abstract please follow the abstract submission Guidelines.

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