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The International Institute of Knowledge Management calls for abstracts to the International Conference on Gender Studies 2018 which will be held in 4th – 5th October 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand under the theme “Gender studies in a Global Perspective.” Gender studies has grown out of the need to address some of the big issues in everyday gender relations,  as well as on the global arena of international politics in which cultural, economic, political and social inequalities are played out. Gender awareness has become integral to disciplinary fields as diverse as history, literature, science, sociology and economics, social work as well as emerging as a field of studies, which goes much further than the mainstreaming of gender.


The International Conference on Gender Studies 2018 aims to provide an important platform for researcher, scholars, Scientists from all around the world to address equal rights and discuss better solutions to deal with gender relations. It will also provide an opportunity for delegates to share their valuable knowledge and experience of gender studies from various perspectives.  This conference will hope to have representation from every continent and regions across the world, to share views and ideas on gender issues, network with international colleagues and make the conference a meaning the full opportunity for engagement.

You are encouraged to send abstracts on original research and abstracts on case studies that focus on gender issues,  according to the given format. All research papers will be evaluated by internationally recognized scholars in a double-blind reviewing process and research papers will be selected according to international research standards.

All the accepted research papers/abstract will be eligible to be presented at the conference and they should register on or before the final registration deadline 4th September 2018

  • Gender, Feminist and women studies
  • Gender studies and Feminist Research
  • Culture of Gender
  • Gender, Power and Development
  • Civil Society and Gender rights
  • Religion and Gender rights
  • Gender Relations,
  • Gender conflict , Violence and peace building
  • Prosecution of Gender
  • Gender’s Education
  • Gender Discrimination
  • New perspective in Gender studies
  • Sexual harassment and crime
  • Political participation
  • Gender and law
  • Sociology of gender
  • Gender, Sexuality and Society
  • Feminist studies
  • Gender and rights
  • Gender, Health and disability
  • Gender and Literature
  • Gender and Media Studies
  • Gender and Technology
  • Gender, Power, Leadership and the workplace

 Now you can submit your research paper at abstract@genderconference.com

Before submitting your abstract please follow the abstract submission Guidelines.

If you wish to be a presenter at the International Conference on Gender Studies 2018, Register for the conference and Reserve your slot now!