Re-thinking Gender and Sexuality:  What do we know?  What have we learnt? What is next?”

Call for Paper

The 2nd International Conference on Gender and Sexuality 2019 invites academics, researchers and professionals with a particular interest in issues related to gender transformation and sexuality to submit abstracts to

Participants from various disciplines are invited, including but not limited to social work, sociology, political studies, psychology, anthropology, development studies, religion, communication, languages, culture studies and law. The conference will be held from 03rd – 04th October 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand under the theme “Re-thinking Gender and Sexuality: What do we know? What have we learnt? What’s next?”

Research on gender and sexuality has expanded over the years into new and cutting edge areas of research, both as independent and inter-dependent fields.  Practitioners and Researchers have explored new ground, challenged former conceptions and reconceptualised historical constructions. This conference provides an opportunity to share knowledge from various contexts and people that has been generated in these diverse and exciting fields of knowledge production and intervention. It will present opportunities for sharing lessons across and between, regions, continents and disciplines.

Space for Future Opportunities


The conference creates space for considering future opportunities to intensify research and collaboration in both practice and academia. This conference is intimate and encouraging of a reflex and enabling environment for the development of emerging academics.  The engagement between more seasoned and emerging academics,  who present a new generation of ideas and methodologies, is engaging and meaningful for deepening thinking, praxis and research in the field. Various methods of participation will be possible at the conference. Oral, Poster and virtual participation are welcome.

Internationally recognized scholars will evaluate all abstracts for presentations.  Abstract Submission –  Limited Slot Available. There may be opportunities to publish with the conference, for example there will be a special edition of the esteemed Gender Issues journal as a result of the conference.  All the accepted participants for the conference need to register on or before the deadline of 05th August 2019.

Call for Papers - Gender & Sexuality Conference


  • Gender/Sexuality in Social work
  • Feminist studies on Gender and/or sexuality
  • Socio-Cultural conditions that impinge on Gender/Sexuality
  • Gender/Sexuality, Power and Development
  • Civil Society and Gender/Sexuality rights
  • Religion and Gender/Sexuality
  • Gender Relations
  • Gender and conflict, violence, security and peace building
  • Persecution and exclusion of Non-conforming people
  • Gender/Sexuality Education
  • Gender/Sexuality Discrimination
  • Gender based violence
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender/Sexuality and Political participation
  • Gender/Sexuality and legal systems
  • Sociology of Gender/Sexuality
  • Gender, Sexuality and Society
  • Gender/Sexuality and rights
  • Gender/Sexuality and Health
  • Gender/Sexuality and disability
  • Gender/ Sexuality in Art, Culture, Literature and Media Studies
  • Gender/Sexuality and Technology
  • Gender/Sexuality in the workplace
  • Gender/Sexuality and refugees/displaced people