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University of Johannesburg,
South Africa

Academic Partner


University of Genova, Italy, Gender and Sexuality 2019

University of Genova,

Academic Partner


University of Balochistan,

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Role of Hosting Partners and Academic Partners

All the hosting and academic partners of 2nd International Conference on Gender and Sexuality 2019 collaboratively work with the conference organizing committee to the quality improvement of the conference, reviewing abstracts and full papers, evaluating conference presentations, providing resource persons to the conference such as conference co – chair, plenary speakers, keynote speakers, session chairs, workshop moderators, panelists and much more.

In line with “TIIKM Scholarship Program for Researcher Development,” the members of the hosting partners and academic partners will obtain full/partial scholarships on registrations and publishing. Get special opportunities to be a plenary speaker/keynote speaker/ session chair/evaluation panel member/resource person for the special features inside the conference.

If you are a member of any of these universities and wish to attend the conference, you are invited to contact the following persons.

Coordinators – Hosting Partners

Coordinators – Academic Partners